Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's Your Style?

To pinpoint a style that is all my own is actually more challenging than it is, especially at this stage. If I were asked about my style, that usually goes into the pile of "UNDECIDED." I find that my preferences have evolved throughout the years. I have gone artsy, clean and simple, abstract, you name it. It has also depended on my mood and my level of interest on a particular day.

I have been known to put a lot of detail into my art, from the shade of green I use when I'm watercoloring  to the number of pinholes to make a border (I know, approaching "creepy" level, but...) around an image. The impact of my personal touches is usually subtle so to put so much effort into a card is baffling to some (e.g., my most trusted critic, the hubby). I have also stepped out of my comfort zone and applied minimalism. There is a feeling of awkwardness to think that I didn't spend all that much time on an art. It feels incomplete to me at first. Then I pause, allowing my eyes and my brain to confer to form a conclusion. Have I answered a simple question: am I happy with the outcome? Once I reach that point, I stop.

Lately, I have been drawn to watercoloring and sceneries. There are so much material out there, thanks to the talented people who have shared their techniques online (e.g., Michelle Zindorf). This is my attempt to CASE one of her cards. It's by no means, a close comparison, but I'm a novice at this technique and I can only go onward and upward from here.

Last night, I had a chance to redo the above card. I think the idea was there, but I never quite got the look I was hoping for. The tree should have been a little more crisp and I wasn't sure about the background layers. I still love the sentiment hugging above the tree so I stuck with that. Here's you go:

On a different note....

Now that I have time to play again, I cannot wait for the next shipment of goodness to arrive. Two of them are stamps I got from the "Single Stamps" promotion, which I have just finally gone through. The "Single Stamps" promotion offers just that: a single stamp for $7.95 or less and there are eight designs to choose from. These stamps are not available in the Annual Catalog and can be purchased through July 31, 2013. Note that they are available only in clear mount, so a separate block is required to use it properly. Check out the selections:

Single Stamps Assortment 3
Single Stamps Assortment 4

The other promotion that caught my eye is the "Best of 25 Years" promotion. SU is bringing back its favorite images from the last twenty five years and combining them into 12 sets and will release one set per month. I know I'm behind as we are now halfway through the year, but the sets are available all throughout 2013. I have my favorites for sure.

Happy Stamping!


  1. Love the second tree card Maria!

    1. Thanks, Ulrika! I do too! I know something was off on the original card.