Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sandbox Redux

As I sort through our new reality with all the changes that have come our way for the last few months and not to mention the routine that is life and work that puts food on the table, I sort of got off tangent and broke away from my creativity temporarily. My sandbox was in disarray for a couple of months as I prioritized what was in dire need of my attention, of my personal touch. It was the entire house, of course, but my beloved sandbox took the back seat. Then there is work. I am still trying to reign it in so that it does not completely take over me. Sometimes, I am unsuccessful.

My body spoke in protest. It totally stopped me on my tracks that I had to go home and forced myself to rest for two days. It also allowed me to re-focus and put balance in my routine. I needed to conjure a plan. For me to start producing again, I need some space. I went into reform mode, unpacked everything that needed to be unpacked, hung what needed to be hung, displayed a few inspirations. I spent some time in the sandbox today, to put back some of the love and care it badly needed. I am happy with the outcome. I cannot wait to dirty it again and get the creativity oozing.

I am looking forward to my first Tramps Camp in October. I have been toying with a few ideas for quite some time now. There will be games, auctions, and of course lots of stamping with very good company.

I am excited!

Happy Stamping!

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