Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In A Word

As I moonlight my way into the wee hours of the night to prepare for the special event for my tramps this Sunday, I am nothing short of ideas bursting out of my head. The only downside to it is that I only have one day to showcase projects so I have to be wise about what makes the cut. The upside is we have the rest of our stamping lives to share those that will not make it for as long as the passion lives on.

I get beyond giddy when my idea on paper turns into exactly how I want it in reality, especially when I am working with new medium and techniques. There's a certain experience I feel when I am in the zone, when I am inspired and the creative juices flow. As a preparation for Sunday, I have asked my tramps to think of a word that inspires them, grabs their attention, or just simply amuses them. It can be any word - an adverb, a verb, or even someone's name. Whatever it is, ponder it and I promise we will make something of it.

Another hint on what I am working on. By the way, I am so hesitant to post this for fear of being outed by my equally smart and creative tramps. Oh well, that is the chance I take.

All for now...

Happy Stamping!!

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