Friday, August 21, 2015

Sandbox Redux Part Deux

For those of you who know me, I've been known to drop off from time to time, for a slew of reasons: to recharge and get re-inspired or life simply happens. I'm guilty of all the above but one thing for sure is I revert back to what I really am and that is being a creator of something, be it my cards, my digital pages, or photography. With that said, I over-hibernated online and have woken up. It was amazing to learn that some of you actually enjoyed my blog and missed my posts. It was touching to hear and I'm humbled and gracious for that.

I have been creating, believe me. In the past year, I was blessed with the biggest canvas (aka, home) of my life and it was all for me to make my own and leave my stamp wherever my heart desired. My hubby was open to the blind challenge I subjected him. Without him, I wouldn't get the most taxing work laid out.

Now that most of the work in the house is finished (to the extent that our pockets can dip into), I now have time to focus on my sandbox. I had focused my energy in each room of our house and arranged according to my heart's mood and my eyes' perspective. My sandbox took the backseat and that was only because it deserved careful thinking and envisioning. Once I got to it, I discovered there was a bit of re-purposing that needed to happen. It's still my sandbox, but I also have to make it a guest room. This called for downsizing and getting rid of my huge craft table that my husband made (**tears welled up as I reluctantly parted with, but happy to say that it found a good home in my husband's workshop**).

I love color and so here's the palette I have chosen. I can't wait for this sandbox to pop with these delicious colors. It's the beginning of something great and awesome. I can feel it! I love progress photos so watch out for those. I love these challenges. It makes me alive and well.

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